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Starter Replacement parts  320 Products

A wide range of spare parts is available, new components that can be adapted to many brands.

Bosch, Valéo, Denso, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Ducellier, Paris-Rhone, Femsa, Elmot, Motorola, Iskra.

Brush holder, starter ring, brush holder, brush, armature, drive also called pinion or sometimes with bendix defect, fork, ring, bearing, needle bearing, plunger, contact, relay, solenoid/relay , contactor are offered.

It is necessary to have a certain amount of technical knowledge to change these parts, just as it is essential to ensure the quality of the diagnosis.

All components are available in stock or on order, brushes, carbon starter, brush holder, brushes ring with pre-mounted brushes, sometimes there are 2 pre-welded brushes on the brush holder and 2 others to be welded on the inductors, it is the case notably on some Bosch starters.

The armatures, inductors, drive, planetary gear, starter, relay, solenoid or called starter relay, ring, bearing, needle bearing, fork for some models.

Our catalogue is the fruit of our research in order to be as complete as possible.

It is of course necessary to have the reference of your starter to be able to find its components.

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  • Solenoid / Relay

    The starter relay is also called a solenoid or starter contactor.

    The solenoid or relay is an electromagnet that activates the launcher as a fork lever to drive the flywheel.

    The solenoid contains a large coil composed of a helically wound device that produces a magnetic field and the electrical circuit of the relay is not dependent on the current of the component controlled by the latter.

    Our starter relays cover a wide range in many brands such as Bosch, Valéo, Lucas,Hitachi,Mitsubishi,Denso,Magneti marelli and many others.

    It is very important to use the starter reference to find these components.

  • Brush Holder

    The brush holder also called the starter crown is the support that holds the brushes

    The complete brush holder includes springs and brushes

    The friction of the brushes on the armature commutator wears them out.

    The brushes can be found individually for some starter models, the brush holder is delivered complete or with the 2 negative brushes.

    The other two starter coils are then welded to the inductors or starter coil set.

    It is important to have the starter's reference to find its components.

    Bearing, solenoid, starter relay, launcher, armature, starter fork

    contact set, ring, bearing are also available in the various categories of our shop.

  • Field Coil for starter

    The inductors or so-called starter coil are located inside the casing fixed by plates ,they interact with the armature.

    Many brands are represented within our products, like any other product you can use the search bar on the homepage by entering the starter reference. Sometimes there are 2 brushes or starter carbon welded on top, sometimes the inductors are delivered alone and in this case the four brushes are directly fixed by screw or welding on the rear bearing or brush holder.

    In the following sections you can find the starter brushes or bearing or any other parts to repair your starter as well as possible.

    Do not hesitate to consult our wide range of new starters.

  • Set of brushes for...

    The starter brush is also called carbon, acts in contact with the armature commutator.

    These wear out over time.

    Starter brushes are supplied in sets of 2 or 4.

    Our range covers the brands Denso, Hitachi, Magbeti Marelli, Lucas, Bosch, Valéo, Ducellier, Paris Rhone, Pal Magneton, Mitsubishi.

    When replacing the starter brushes, it is important to check the condition of the armature collector. It is also important to check the springs and the entire brush holder; on some starter models the brushes are delivered alone or directly with the pre-assembled brush holder, depending on the brand.

  • Armature and bearing...

    The armature is an axis having at its end a collector composed of several copper blades, it is said of this one if they are exploded that the starter is centrifuged you then a neiman problem to be solved in parallel with the repair of the starter. The armature body allows, in connection with the inductors, to carry out the current loop thanks to rotation, while on the other side there are grooves allowing the launcher or pinion to be mounted, all connected by a fork, a part that can also be found on our website.

    The end of the armature is housed in a bearing at the nose or flange of the starter.

    As usual, many inductors corresponding to various brands are available on our website.

    Always of high quality and attractive prices, our inductors will allow you to repair or refurbish your starters with care.

  • Drive

    The drive drives the engine crown, the flywheel.

    The drive is also called the starter pinion or sometimes in reference to an old Bendix brand.

    On one side of the launcher are the teeth that activate the flywheel when starting and on the other side are the splines, the launcher being fitted on the starter armature.

    Car starters, tractor starters, truck starters like all other models have a launcher.

    A wide range of launchers or pinions is available for Bosch starter, Denso starter, Hitachi starter, Valeo starter and so on... is available on our website.

  • Epyclic gear / Clutch

    One manufacturing technology for starters was to have a lever that under the electrical impulse of the relay activated the starter to drive the ring gear.

    Then another one was created and implemented by Chrysler, using a gearing system via the epicyclic gear or clutch to advance the starter. There is a whole set of ring gear or gearwheel depending on the model.

    This is present on starter models such as Denso, Hitachi, among others on Kubota and Yanmar assemblies.

    Bosch to also use the planetary gear on some starter models.

  • Bushings / Bearings /...

    On the starter there are rings or also called bushings, this one has its importance. One is found on the collector side of the armature at the rear bearing, there is also a bearing on the support or front side either on the starter nose, there is also sometimes a ring on the intermediate bearing of the starter.

    On older models such as Ducellier or Paris-Rhone, we often think about changing the brushes or starter brushes, but it is important to check the wear of these rings and possibly replace them.

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1 - 40 of 320 items