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Armature and bearing for starter  150 Products

The armature is an axis having at its end a collector composed of several copper blades, it is said of this one if they are exploded that the starter is centrifuged you then a neiman problem to be solved in parallel with the repair of the starter. The armature body allows, in connection with the inductors, to carry out the current loop thanks to rotation, while on the other side there are grooves allowing the launcher or pinion to be mounted, all connected by a fork, a part that can also be found on our website.

The end of the armature is housed in a bearing at the nose or flange of the starter.

As usual, many inductors corresponding to various brands are available on our website.

Always of high quality and attractive prices, our inductors will allow you to repair or refurbish your starters with care.

1 - 40 of 150 items
1 - 40 of 150 items