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Gasket kit and parts for ZENITH / PIERBURG carburetor  162 Products

Zénith is a carburetor brand founded by François BAVEREY in 1907.

The carburetor optimizes the "air-fuel" setting.

The Zenith carburetor has been improved with settings based on 2 nozzles, one designed to optimize the mixture as the air speed increases, the other called a compensator provides an additional air jet.

Many vehicles were equipped with Zenith carburetors, references can be found in the form 28IF, 32IF, 36IV, INAT.

Pierburg is a carburetor brand also called German solex.

Pierburg carburetors are used in many cars under references such as 2E3, 2E2, PDSIT, 1B1, 4A1 and so on.

Especially on BMW, Volkswagen, Opel, Porsche, Seat.


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1 - 40 of 162 items