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The starter is an essential element in the starting process of your vehicle thanks to the electrical impulse provided when you turn the key. Our wide range of car starters covers a large part of the market.  The generic range replaces the main brands such as BOSCH, DENSO, HITACHI, MITSUBISHI, VALEO, DELCO REMY, ISKRA and many car brands.

Our entire range is guaranteed to be of high quality and meets the criteria of original equipment manufacturers. The starters for RENAULT, starters for PEUGEOT / CITROEN, starters for DACIA, SKODA, AUDI, MERCEDES, BMW, FIAT but also American brands such as CHRYSLER, JEEP, BUICK, PONTIAC, FORD, HUMMER, CHEVROLET and many other European and Asian car brands are available.


  • Starter for PEUGEOT /...
  • Starter for SUZUKI /...
  • Starter for DUCELLIER...
  • Starter PARIS-RHONE
  • Starter for VOLKSWAGEN...

    In this section you will find starters for AUDI, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW and VOLKSWAGEN.

    The starter is a key element for starting your vehicle. As this is operated by the ignition key, it is important to ensure that the neiman operates properly.

    A precise diagnosis should be made before changing a part.

    It is also necessary to ensure the exact equivalence with the reference of your old starter.

    Our parts carry a two year warranty.

  • Starter for SAAB
  • Starter for DACIA /...

    We offer you in this section a range of generic starter that fits most Dacia and Renault car models.
    It is very important to check the reference of your old starter so that there are no errors in the correspondence.
    For a specific search do not hesitate to use the search bar of the site by typing your reference. In case of doubt you can also contact us, this is preferable to an uncertain order based on bad technical data.

    Once you have made an accurate diagnosis of your failure and identified the starter as the cause of the failure, you will have the choice of price and quality from our wide range of new starter units.

  • Starter for TOYOTA /...

    Japanese vehicles, cars from Asia, are covered by a wide range of starters, sometimes in a reduced model which means no nose but allowing a better starting power or in a more classic version.

    Whatever the assembly, your starter specialist covers a wide range, almost ninety percent of the market, including starter for Toyota, starter for Mazda, starter for DAIHATSU, starter for KOMATSU.

    WAGENDASS offers an easy experience during your starter purchase process.

  • Starter for CHEVROLET...

    Vehicules from America, often have Delco Remy starter. By taking the original part number that you can take from your starter either on a label or engraved in the metal on the starter body, we can look for the equivalence. You can also use the site's search bar to do so.

    Some rarer models can be found on special request for that do not hesitate to contact us at without forgetting to attach the following information:

    - distance between the mounting holes,
    - the number of teeth on the drive
    - it may also be appropriate to attach photos

    This will allow us to make requests from our wide range of suppliers.

    However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the diagnosis is the right one and that the failure comes from the starter before purchase. It may also be advisable to check your neiman if your starter is fried or running.

  • Starter for FORD /...
  • Starter for FIAT /...

    Starter motors for Italian vehicles are also available at WAGENDASS.COM. Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino known as FIAT, not to mention the FERRARI horse brand, but also the ALFA ROMEO or LANCIA.

  • Starter for OPEL /...

    This section offers the car starters OPEL, Opel corsa, Opel zafira, Opel Meriva, Opel astra, Opel insigna and many other models from this subsidiary of the general motors group.

    BEDFORD, VAUXHALL are also covered by our quality starters.

    The starter is a very important component for the proper functioning of the vehicle. It is necessary to make a precise diagnosis before changing it.

    All brand equivalents as well as the technical description are present in our ads.

    A wide range of new original and/or adaptable/generic starters.

  • Starter for ROVER /...

    ROVER brand created in 1904, formerly belonging to the MG ROVER group, the brand disappeared in 2005. The name ROVER belongs to the Indian company TATA MOTORS. Since 2007, MG sports cars have belonged to the Chinese SAIC group.

    The first LAND ROVER was created in 1947 for demanding environments and then at the end of the 20th century the DEFENDER, DISCOVERY, FREELANDER, EVOQUE.

    TATA MOTORS has owned the JAGUAR LAND ROVER group since 2013.

  • Starter for CHRYSLER /...

    CHRYSLER is an American group with several entities such as DODGE, MOPAR, RAM trucks.

    JEEP is a historical brand present in the American army pronounced "djip" among the Anglo-Saxons.
    Today it offers a wide variety of SUVs.

    These brands, these models must also be equipped with a quality starter.

    Our new range is also available to cover this range of vehicles.

    Very high quality generic American origin starters are available.

    OE equipment manufacturers such as NIPPONDENSO, MITSUBISHI, HITACHI can also be ordered on the site or for certain models by contacting us.

  • Starter for SUBARU /...
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1 - 40 of 946 items