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Alternators for civil engineering and agricultural vehicule  511 Products

Agricultural or construction machinery, tractors, trucks, boats are also equipped with a 6, 12 or 24 volt alternator.

The amperage depends on the need of the electrical installation.

Our quality range covers this sector for Renault VI, liebherr, Kassbohrer, Case, JCB, Volvo, Daf, clark electric cart, Fenwick and many others.

Kubota, John Deere, Perkins, Hatz tractors are also covered in our catalogue.

The equivalence of the brands Iskra, Denso, Hitachi, Bosch, Valéo, Prestolite, Butec, Magneton, Mitsubishi is found in our wide range of new and guaranteed alternators.

Components such as rotor, stator, regulator, brush holder, pulley, coal, diode bridge are sought by providing the reference of the alternator.

Essential for the motor to transform the current thanks to the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction into alternating current.

The current is rectified using diodes or diode bridges to provide the energy necessary to recharge the battery and power the electrical components when the engine is stopped.


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    Bosch's range of TP and agricultural replacement alternators

    We offer a wide range of products for trucks, construction equipment, shovels and excavators in 12 and 24 volt voltage. Our alternators for agricultural and public works vehicles comply with quality specifications and are offered new and guaranteed for 1 year!

    For example for John Deere 6125R, model A, model 50, 7530, john deere transporter, 9R tractor, backhoe loader model 710K and others.

    Or Massey Ferguson, in other ways such as tractors, combines, balers  range. The MF1500 ,MF1700, MF3700, MF4700, MF5700M, MF6700 ranges, or older such as MF158, MF135, MF190, MF590.

    Also alternators for Perkins 100, 400C, 800C, 1000 , 1300 Edi , 2300 series up to 1200E series engines as well as for older engines such as 700 series, 2000, 4.108 , 4.236, 6.354, V8.540 series engines.

    And of course many other brands.

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    Tractors, agricultural machines, trucks and construction engines are sometimes equipped with Delco remy alternators.

    Delco remy is an american brand founded in 1896 in indiana. it is an important equipment manufacturer with a large and diversified catalogue. our new alternators cover a part of this range.

    When changing the alternator it is important to make a clear and precise diagnosis by testing the alternator on a bench. It is important to check the battery to ensure its condition. You can also check the belt and take advantage of the alternator change to change it.

    Most alternators today have an integrated regulator, but if the regulator is a separate one, it is very important to check it before installing the new alternator.

    And of course many other brands.

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    Denso, NIPPONDENSO corporation is a brand of spare parts for cars, tractors, agricultural vehicles and construction equipment.

    Our catalogue of new starters and alternators can also replace many Denso models.

    This brand was created in December 1949.

    Denso, which among other things has created the QR code, is also specialized in industrial equipment.

    In addition, we have a wide range of spare parts for alternators and starter motors, which is covered in the Denso catalogue.

    You will find these parts, alternator regulator, relay, solenoid, starter contactor, disengageable pulley, serpentine pulley, carbon, starter brushes and all references in the various sections of our site.

    Alternators and starters are new, there is no deposit or return of the old one.

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    Our range of Iskra/Mahle alternators for tractors, public works and agricultural machines

    Find all models of Iskra alternators on our online store: Iskra 14v 33a alternator, Iskra 14v tractor alternator, Iskra 14v 70a alternator, Iskra 14v 55a alternator, and more.

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    Lucas, Magneton and Motorola are equipment manufacturers specialising in alternators and starters.

    Magneton is a Czech manufacturer specializing in alternators.

    Motorola alternators, lucas alternators, magneton alternators equip many agricultural machines, tractors.

    They are also present on machines and construction equipment.

    In addition to replacing the alternator, it may be necessary to check the battery so that the entire electrical system of the vehicle is powered correctly.

    Our new alternators cover a wide range of machines offered by these 3 brands.

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    Mitsubishi motors corporation is a Japanese company, which is a supplier of many models of construction machinery, including backhoe loaders, agricultural excavators, harvesters and other machines.

    Hitachi has also been a Japanese company since 1910, and manufactures a wide range of machines and components.

    This section offers the alternator models fitted to the vehicles and machines of these two brands.

    Here specifically in the world of agriculture, public works and building sites.

    The alternator, this electric generator is very important for the supply of the engine and specific equipment on the tractors machines of building site being able to have requests in important power. We can have voltages in 12 volts and 24 volts.

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    Many tractor, agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers use quality products.

    including the valeo marks. Our range of new alternators follows this line of quality to best meet this requirement.

    Alternators for tractors, alternators for construction machines, alternators for agricultural machines are available on our site.

    By providing the reference of the alternator you can also search for its components.

    The alternator is an essential element for the good functioning of the engine and the electrical supply.

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    This section more specifically includes alternators for public works machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial equipment of the JOHN-DEERE / CATERPILLAR / CASE and NEW HOLLAND brand models.

    Our new alternators are distributed as original brand or generic brand, allowing us to offer a quality/price ratio among the best on the market.

    It is very important to always check the exact correspondence of the reference of your old alternator with the one quoted in the advertisement in order to avoid any errors.

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1 - 40 of 511 items
1 - 40 of 511 items

The specialist in new alternators for construction machinery and industrial engines, our catalogue includes a very high percentage of the alternator models on the market for backhoe loaders, tractors, wheel loaders, mini excavators, carriers and other agricultural engines.

In original assembly or generic assembly covering a very wide range of brands as for example in these categories:

and many others.

Wagendass can also search for possible assignments, based on engine number, or starter characteristics such as voltage, number of teeth, fixing holes etc...

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