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The purpose of the starter is to initiate the self-powered rotation of an internal combustion engine using an external power source. After the driver operates the neiman, the starter is engaged. It is necessary that the battery is in very good condition and in relation to the amperage level with the power required by the starter. In terms of voltage, the starter is available in 6, 12, 24 volts depending on the motors.

The starter consists of a relay also called a solenoid, a launcher, an armature, a set of coils or inductors and brushes also called carbon that act on the armature collector.

There are many brands of Bosch, Valeo, Lucas, Magneti Marelli, Denso, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Cargo and many others.

Depending on the vehicle, changing the starter is more or less easy and still requires a certain amount of knowledge.

Your starter specialist covers a very important reference range from TP starter, to agricultural machinery, passenger cars but also quad and motorcycle starters.

Marine starters, boat, truck and other machinery starters can be available from stock or on special order.

Our catalog of starter is regularly supplemented by new references to best meet everyone.

Wagendass proposes in its new range, always has discounted prices and attractive for its customers in accordance with the market and to propose in periods of inflations of the fairest prices for new. All the range is guaranteed two, all the marks are resulting from a partnership of logue date with our suppliers.

In the respect of ecological criteria all our packagings are recycled as well as the material being used to wedge the parts in order to avoid any breakage during transport.


  • Automotive Starters

    The starter is an essential element in the starting process of your vehicle thanks to the electrical impulse provided when you turn the key. Our wide range of car starters covers a large part of the market.  The generic range replaces the main brands such as BOSCH, DENSO, HITACHI, MITSUBISHI, VALEO, DELCO REMY, ISKRA and many car brands.

    Our entire range is guaranteed to be of high quality and meets the criteria of original equipment manufacturers. The starters for RENAULT, starters for PEUGEOT / CITROEN, starters for DACIA, SKODA, AUDI, MERCEDES, BMW, FIAT but also American brands such as CHRYSLER, JEEP, BUICK, PONTIAC, FORD, HUMMER, CHEVROLET and many other European and Asian car brands are available.

  • Starter for...

    Agricultural machines, tractors, construction machines, excavators, backhoes, backhoes, are equipped with a starter.

    The brands we distribute offer you quality and 1 year warranty.

    There are 2 different technologies, the classic starters with a fork system that allows the launcher to advance following the electric impulse and thus to drive the engine ring gear, the starter then has a nose (metal part on the front) but for the same model we can have a model called a gearbox, it will then have a clutch system under the pinion and will then be without a nose (this means that you can see the part directly in front of you), these models are often more efficient when starting and can be mounted instead of the old assembly even with a nose if they correspond to the same original reference.

    In replacement of HITACHI starters, YANMAR starters, DENSO starters, MITSUBISHI starters, KUBOTA starters, PERKINS starters, JOHN DEERE starters, SOLARIS starters, JCB starters, CASE starters, NEW HOLLAND starters, KHD starters and many others.

    DAF, MAN, VOLVO, RENAULT, SCANIA trucks are also covered by our extensive catalogue.

    You will also find in our spare parts section the components such as relays,

    solenoid, contactor, launcher, armature, brush / carbon, starter ring.

    To search for them, you must have the starter reference.

  • Starter for motorbike...

    Find a wide range of starters for motorcycles, quad bikes, snowmobiles, jetskis and scooters in this section. HONDA, ARTICAT, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, KTM, APRILLA, HARLEY-DAVIDSON and many other brands are covered by our wide range of quality starters. New and without return of deposit the purchase process is thus facilitated.

    In case of doubt or research do not hesitate to contact us. High quality starter according to the original data.

  • Boat starters

    Among our starter ranges is the one for the boat. From the engine MERCURY, YANMAR, VOLVO PENTA, OMC and other manufacturer Here you will find the most common models. Our high quality range is available. It is important to check the equivalence with the old starter before purchase. If you do not have a reference please check the product sheets an/or call our services.

    As with all the starters and alternators offered on our site, we can search for parts for repair. Your specialist for wagendass starters.

    The whole range of marine starter, boat starter is in this category.most common Mercury engine starter, Mercruiser.models with offset legs in Delco remy assembly. For Volvo Penta, Yanmar engines replacing Valeo, Paris-rhone or Nippodenso assemblies.

    Boat starter, Tphatsu, Honda marine, Yamaha marine are also available.

    The new range respecting the SAE J1171 marine certification.

    In addition to assembly you will also find our range of Trim, Tilt trim and of course our range of marine alternator.

    Don't forget the repair thanks to our spare parts, Mercury launcher, Mercruiser coal, Yanmar solenoid, etc.

    On boat engines, the starters can be made for water or with double insulation. This should be checked at the time of purchase.

  • Starters for Trucks /...

    Find on our site, a large choice of starters for trucks, dump trucks and heavy trucks. To find the precise reference of your starter on our site, you can carry out your research via the search bar by using the reference present on the starter of your current truck. Our online store offers starters for DAF, MAN, MAZ, IVECO, SCANIA but also RENAULT, MERCEDES, VOLVO and KENWORTH trucks.

1 - 40 of 939 items
1 - 40 of 939 items

When buying a starter, there are several quality criteria.

There are second-hand starters, which are already assembled and often unreliable, their cost is lower but there is almost no guarantee of reliability over time.

There are the standard exchange starter ranges, these are parts that have been repaired or reconditioned from cores or even called carcass so some parts are changed. You will be asked to pay a deposit while waiting for you to return the old machine. Be careful if the starter is very damaged, you may not be refunded.

Finally there is the new range that your starter specialist has chosen to offer you, either in the original brands or in generic brands. You are thus assured of benefiting from new products that are neither reconditioned nor already used.