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Pulleys, Rectifiers, Regulator, Brush set, Rotor, stator, ball bearing, Brush holder


  • Rectifier

    The diode bridge is also called a rectifier because of its function of rectifying alternating current continuously. A very wide variety of brands are covered by our products.

    To search for parts, provide the reference of your alternator, type it in the site search bar at the top of the home page.

    However, if you do not find the right product, please do not hesitate to contact us at

    We will then do a precise search in order to answer you as well as possible.

  • Brushes / Brush Holder

    The alternator includes brushes also called carbon, which can be changed alone or in combination with the brush holder or regulator.

    The assembly varies according to the brands.

    Our parts are from the cargo brand, Hc-parts, which is a branch of the Bosch group, covers a very wide range of alternators.

    For car alternators, truck alternators, tractor alternators, construction or agricultural machinery alternators.

    It is best to check the condition of the rotor manifold (copper part) during repair. If this part is too damaged, new brushes will not be enough to solve the failure.

    Our range of spare parts for rotor, stator, diode bridge, alternator regulator is new and of high quality.

  • Pulley

    The pulley is a round part fixed on an axis which on an alternator is called a rotor. The pulley allows the belt to be driven.
    The pulley is fixed on the alternator rotor by a nut for conventional pulleys and by a specific set of keys for disengageable pulleys.
    A pulley can have several outlets or grooves depending on the electrical equipment of the vehicle.
    A wide range of quality pulleys is available in this section for many alternator brands such as BOSCH, DENSO, VALEO, MITSUBISHI, HITACHI and others.

    Find the right pulley by using our search bar on the home page, you can type in the reference of your alternator. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

  • Regulator

    The regulator often referred to as electromechanical was used in the automotive industry with dynamo and/or alternator and is now integrated into the alternator.

    It regulates the loa, it includes brushes that act on the alternator manifold.

    Since the alternator produces alternating current, it must be rectified in direct current through the diode bridge, the regulator then makes it possible to regulate (as its name suggests) according to the need.

    If the alternator is defective, it does not necessarily comes from the controller, it is necessary to test it in order to have a correct diagnosis.

    It is necessary to check the condition of the commutator to ensure that the brushes can be properly set in place and the brushes can sometimes be replaced alone.

    Wagendass has selected a range of quality controllers that respect all the original criterias in order to meet your requirements. On our site by typing your alternator reference in the search bar on the home page, you can find the spart parts you need. You can also contact us directly with your alternator reference and we can guide you in order to find the right part.

    On the most recent controllers there are BBS and LIN communications, the latter are called interface controllers.

    Most of the brands among the largest manufacturers are concerned by our quality products.

  • Rotor

    The rotor is the moving part that in connection with the stator which then creates a magnetic field.

  • Bearing / Ball bearing...
  • Stator

    The stator is the fixed winding that in connection with the rotor creates a magnetic field.

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1 - 9 of 262 items