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The MAP sensor or Manifold Absolute Pressure also known as an "atmospheric sensor" is used in both petrol and diesel engines, and is located on the intake manifold, inner wing or firewall. The sensor interacts with the ECU by providing data on manifold pressure and motor load.

Faults can be detected by the engine warning light, which can also display an error code.

It is important not to drive with a faulty sensor. Our high quality range allows you to change it at a very good price-quality ratio.

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1 - 17 of 17 items

An air pressure sensor is an electronic device used to measure air pressure, which is the pressure exerted by air in the earth's atmosphere. This type of sensor is used in many applications, including meteorology, air navigation, air quality monitoring, environmental monitoring, measuring the height of a building and the depth of a well.

Atmospheric pressure sensors work by measuring the deformation of a membrane or diaphragm subjected to air pressure. This deformation is converted into an electrical signal proportional to the measured air pressure. Air pressure sensors are often used in combination with other sensors, such as temperature and humidity sensors, to provide more accurate data on weather and environmental conditions.