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There are two types of pumps, manual and electric fuel pumps.

The electric pump is most often located near the tank or even inside it.

The fuel pump draws fuel from the vehicle, it is an important element in the operation of the engine, the mechanical fuel pump is driven by a shaft, it has a rubber diaphragm. There may be a lever or suction system for the fuel, so gasoline cannot go back, vehicles equipped with a carburettor have such a pump, for example peugeot 204, peugeot 304, simca, ford capri, renault dauphine and many others.

On the older models there is a membrane that deteriorates over time and causes a rupture of the waterproofing.

During the purchase procedure it is important to check the technical specifications in the advertisement to avoid errors.

All our pumps are new and cover a very wide range of vehicles.

It is important to note that there are gasoline filters that must be replaced regularly to maintain good fuel quality.

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1 - 40 of 115 items

The mechanical fuel pump with or without lever allows to suck the fuel to feed the carburetor, this thanks to a system of diaphragm and its spring. This type of fuel pump is present in the old vehicles also called odltimer from 1950 to 1985. For example fuel pump of Renault 5, Citroen Ds, Triumph, Lancia and many other applications.

It is important to check that the fuel filter upstream is clean. You can test this pump with a pressure gauge and then press the accelerator pedal and check the pressure at different engine speeds at idle and then while accelerating.