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Brush Holder for BOSCH  110 Products

The starter brush holder is also called the starter ring, this section contains the models for Bosch starter.

There are the complete starter brush holders including the 4 brushes or carbon but there are also on some starter motors

the brush holders with 2 negative brushes, the others to be welded directly on the starter inductors.

They are delivered separately. The reference of the additional brushes is always specified in the advertisement.

1 - 40 of 110 items
1 - 40 of 110 items

The starter brush holder, also known as the starter ring gear, is an important part of a vehicle's starting system.

There are complete starter brush holders with 4 brushes or carbon brushes. There are also on some starters, the brush holders with 2 negative brushes, the others being to be welded directly on the inductors of the starter. They are delivered separately.
When should I change the brush holders on my vehicle's starter motor?

The starter brush holders or starter rings are parts with a limited lifespan due to their fragility and wear.

If your vehicle fails to start despite a healthy battery, it is likely that the cause of the failure is the wear of the brushes or your starter ring.

By opening the starter you can see the wear of the brushes, you can take the opportunity to ensure the good condition of the armature commutator, the brush holder and the springs, in order to replace what is necessary.

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