Pay in 4 installments free of charge for purchases from €30 to €2,000

Wagendass was founded in 2011 by Mr. Zahn Jerome.

It is a company that has a long family tradition in the trade of automotive parts, starters, alternators, carburettors, car batteries, motorcycle batteries and many electrical components, started in 1933.In partnership with its suppliers, Wagendass offers a wide range of sensors, atmospheric, MAF, ABS, position. Also wiper motors and a whole range of electrical parts and LED lights.

Wagendass aims to maintain this quality know-how by making it accessible to all via its website

Originally based in Alsace, it is now located in Rhône-Alpes.

Specialist in alternators and starters for cars, construction machinery, trucks, marine engines, quad bikes, motorcycles, tractors and agricultural engines. The wide catalogue that is offered to you also includes all the components available on the market to enable refurbishment.

This knowledge is coupled with a high level of service quality, as we strive to respond as effectively as possible to our clients' questions and research.

Wagendass also offers many electrical components as well as a very wide range of renovation kits for carburetors.

"Since 2021, Wagendass is officially recognized as a brand by the European Union."