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The air conditioning system cools the air in the passenger compartment.
This technology in the automotive industry date all the way back to 1933 in New York, USA

The entire system includes an air conditioning compressor, condenser, evaporator, evaporator, filter drier. A fluid runs in a closed loop in the system.

It is important when replacing these components to drain the circuit and comply with the manufacturer's instructions.

Air conditioning compressors for cars, air conditioning compressors for tractors, air conditioning compressors for agricultural machines are available in the various categories of the site.


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  • A/C Compressor for...

    An air conditioning compressor is an essential component of a car air conditioning system. Its role is to compress the refrigerant, which circulates in the system, into a high pressure, high temperature gas. This gas is then cooled and condensed in the system's condenser, where it releases the absorbed heat into the car's interior.

    The air conditioning compressor is usually driven by a belt connected to the car's engine. It is located near the engine and can be identified as a metal housing with refrigerant lines coming out of it.

    If the air conditioning compressor is not working properly, it can lead to a loss of air conditioning efficiency or even a complete system failure. Signs of a malfunctioning compressor may include unusual noises, coolant leaks or an air conditioner that does not produce enough cool air.

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1 - 40 of 731 items