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Tilt trim for boat  21 Products

The trim is a mechanism for adjusting the angle of the outboard, controlled by a switch most often located on the throttle.

It is important to adapt its use to the conditions and practice.

The trim is a tool mounted on most outboard engines from 25 horsepower upwards but also on Z-drive bases. By playing on the longitudinal trim, it reduces or increases the boat's wet surface area and thus gains or loses in performance but also in comfort depending on the sea state.

It is possible to work in negative for example at start-up in order to promote lift-off for an improvement in speed. However, you must remain vigilant when adjusting the boat so as not to unbalance it.

You can work positively to relieve your front end, especially in heavy weather and rough seas, allowing the bow to be lighter and the nose of the boat to sink less into the waves.

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1 - 21 of 21 items