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Ball bearing / Needle bearing / Slip Ring for alternator  92 Products

Our range of rings for alternators at Wagendass

Wagendass offers you a wide range of rings for alternators of all brands. Fill in the reference number of your alternator in the search bar of the site in order to find the appropriate spare part.

1 - 40 of 92 items
1 - 40 of 92 items

Find a wide choice of ball bearings for alternators on our store

Ball bearings allow the rotation of a rotating element in relation to a fixed element. They consist of a ring usually made of treated steel and a cage that holds the balls in position. The balls roll on a contact surface lubricated with grease or oil to slow down wear due to friction.

It is a wearing part that can be replaced when it is defective. This can avoid the need to change your vehicle's entire alternator.

Find all spare parts for alternators of all brands at Wagendass: complete alternators, diode bridges, brush and carbon holders, regulators, pulleys, etc.