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The rotor is the moving part that in connection with the stator which then creates a magnetic field.


  • Rotor for BOSCH

    In this section, we show the rotors for Bosch alternators. Like many other components, you absolutely must have the alternator reference. The search bar on top of home page will help you.

    Our components are new and conform to manufacturer standards, it is important to have a precise diagnosis before purchasing a part... You can also contact us if you do not find your part.
    You can also benefit from our wide range of bearings, brush holders, stator, pulley and regulator.

  • Rotor for LUCAS / VALEO
  • Rotor for MAGNETI...

    Just like many other components, the alternator rotor can be changed, here you will find those that can be adapted to the Denso, Magneti marelli brands.

    Quality parts and brand new.

    It is sometimes possible to change only the slip ring, the part on which the coals come, the regulator brushes, the brush holder.

    It is necessary to carry out a precise and serious diagnosis before changing the part in order to ensure the exact origin of the failure.

    If you do not find the desired rotor, you can contact us, do not forget in this case to bring the exact reference of your alternator.

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1 - 40 of 49 items