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The Rectifier
is also called a rectifier because of its function of rectifying alternating current continuously. A very wide variety of brands are covered by our products.

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  • Rectifier for BOSCH

    Discover our wide range of diode bridges for Bosch alternators

    To find the right diode bridge for your Bosch alternator, enter the alternator part number in the search bar on our site.

    If you need information about purchasing a diode bridge for a Bosch alternator, please contact our team with the part number of your alternator!

  • Rectifier for DELCO REMY
  • Rectifier for HITACHI...

    Rectifier for Hitachi / Mitsubishi alternator

  • Rectifier for LUCAS /...

    Alternator rectifier / valeo rectifier / lucas rectifier / alternator rectifier

  • Rectifier for DENSO

    After diagnosing your problem on a test bench, you may need to change the rectifier of your Denso alternator. You will find in this category of the site our range of diode and diode bridge. This one can be composed of 4, 6 or sometimes more diodes depending on the model. It is an important component of the alternator which transforms the alternating current into direct current which allows the supply of the vehicle.

    There are two series of diodes, the so-called positive diodes and the so-called negative diodes. For more experienced people with precise knowledge in automotive electricity it will be possible to replace the diodes individually after testing them.

1 - 40 of 152 items
1 - 40 of 152 items

A Rectifier
is an electronic component used in an alternator to rectify alternating current into direct current. The alternating current is generated in the alternator as a sinusoid, which is not suitable for vehicle electrical systems that require a direct current supply.

The Rectifier
consists of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) connected in series and in parallel to form a circuit that rectifies AC current into DC current. The diodes are placed in a bridge configuration that rectifies both half-cycles of AC current.

As the AC current passes through the Rectifier
, the diodes allow the electric current to flow in one direction only, thus rectifying the AC current to DC. The DC current is then regulated and sent to the vehicle's battery to recharge it and power the electrical systems.

In summary, the Rectifier
is a critical component of the alternator that converts the alternating current generated by the alternator into direct current that can be used to power the vehicle's electrical systems.