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Brush Holder / Brushes/Brush set for DUCELLIER / VALEO alternator  19 Products

The brushes have an important role and come to rest on the rotor commutator. The brushes are alone or directly mounted on a brush holder, regulator.

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1 - 19 of 19 items

What is a carbon for an alternator?

The brush holder is a part of the alternator made up of two brushes or coals. The name comes from their carbon composition. The brushes are in a plastic or metal assembly that is mounted on the back of the alternator. The brushes must rest uniformly on the slip ring to properly fulfill their role: to transmit an electric field to the rotor.

Once worn, they can sometimes be replaced by soldering them with tin. A visual check allows to see the state of the brushes but it is still necessary to check the alternator with the appropriate measuring instruments in order to verify that there are no other failures.

We often hear about two brands: Ducellier and Valéo. Ducellier was bought in the 80's by Valéo and does not exist anymore.

On the current alternators, the carbon brushes are included in the regulator.