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The pulley is a round part fixed on an axis which on an alternator is called a rotor. The pulley allows the belt to be driven.
The pulley is fixed on the alternator rotor by a nut for conventional pulleys and by a specific set of keys for disengageable pulleys.
A pulley can have several outlets or grooves depending on the electrical equipment of the vehicle.
A wide range of quality pulleys is available in this section for many alternator brands such as BOSCH, DENSO, VALEO, MITSUBISHI, HITACHI and others.

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1 - 40 of 189 items
1 - 40 of 189 items

An alternator pulley is a mechanical part that is mounted on the alternator shaft of a vehicle and is driven by the engine's accessory belt. The alternator pulley is usually round in shape and has a groove for the accessory belt. Its role is to transfer mechanical power from the engine to the alternator, which converts this energy into electrical energy to recharge the vehicle's battery and power the electrical systems.

There are different types of alternator pulleys, including single groove, double groove, V-groove and V-groove pulleys depending on the characteristics of the accessory belt. It is important to ensure that the alternator pulley is compatible with the engine accessory belt for optimal operation of the vehicle's electrical system.