Starter replacing DENSO 228000-1061 / 228000-1060


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Starter for KUBOTA

= DENSO 228000-1061 / 228000-1060 / 128000-4900 / 028000-6140

= KUBOTA 19212-63011 / 19212-63012 / 19215-63011 / 19215-63012


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Voltage 12

KW 1.4

A = Mount flange 66.00

B = Drive distance 18.00

F = Distance / Back 157.25

G = Distance / Front 31.00

H = Nbr of teeth 9

B+ M8

Gear type Gr

O = Distance 110.50

Rotation Cr

Nbr of mounting holes 2 (0)

Drive Tipo Steel

R = Total length mm 212.00

generic brand

= DENSO 228000-1061 / 228000-1060 / 128000-4900 / 028000-6140

= KUBOTA 19212-63011 / 19212-63012 / 19215-63011 / 19215-63012

= THERMO KING 25-35458-00 / 25-35465-00

Affectation :

CARRIER TRANSICOLDVarious other models19601967
Case IndustrialUNI-181819942001
Case IndustrialUNI-182519731980
Grasshopper tractors928D__
Gravely tractorsPM46019601964
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB2150DT__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB2150DTB__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB2150E19881993
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB2150HSD__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB2150HSDT__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB2150HSDTB__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB2150HSE__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB9200DT__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB9200E19861996
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB9200HSD__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialB9200HSE__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialBX1500D__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialBX1800D__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialBX1830D__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialBX2230D19771981
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialD1005 Engine19821993
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialD850-B1 Engine__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialG1800__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialG1800S__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialG1900__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialGL5500S__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialGL6500S__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialK008__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialK008-3__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialKH41__
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialKH6119951998
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialKX4119751978
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialKX41-319781984
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialKX71H19811984
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialR31019851994
KUBOTA Agricultural IndustrialZ600 Engine20022005
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B2150DT19881997
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B2150DTB19881997
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B2150E19881996
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B2150HSD19951998
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B2150HSDT19951998
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B2150HSDTB19951998
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B2150HSE19951998
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B9200DT__
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B9200E__
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B9200HSD__
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.B9200HSE__
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.BX1500D__
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.BX1800D__
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.BX1830D__
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.BX2230D__
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.F240019831990
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.FZ210019731976
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.FZ240019771982
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.G180019771982
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.G1800S19771982
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.G190019721973
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.GF1800-R19911997
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.GF1800E-R19911997
KUBOTA. Outdoor Power Equip.TG1860__
Steiner Agricultrural Industrial23019871988
Thomas Equipment Agricultural IndustrialT84__
Universal MarineM-3519821997
Universal MarineM4-30 Atomic Four19601966
Universal MarineM4-30A19601966

                          NO CORE EXCHANGE NEEDED

                                            TWO YEARS WARRANTY

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