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    BOSCH is a brand with an important reputation in many fields. On our site especially for BOSCH alternators and BOSCH starters.

    Sometimes distributed by SEG automotive or via subsidiaries.BOSCH is an equipment manufacturer with a very long history.

    We retail from Drive to BOSCH solenoid through connectors.

    Created in 1986 by Robert BOSCH, this brand is now specialized in automotive equipment, electronics and construction equipment.

    Today the BOSCH brand for alternators and starters is distributed by SEG AUTOMOTIVE


    Remy International is an American brand. Delco Remy starters and alternators can be found on such assemblies as Mercury, Mercruiser, Caterpillar, Dodge and many other assignments.

    Its headquarters are in Anderson, Indiana.

    We distribute components of this brand on various engines.

    You will find the Delco reference in our spare parts catalog.


    The Denso brand is of Japanese origin, specializing in numerous electric spare parts for automotive engines but also for construction equipment such as Kubota and Yanmar.

    We also find this equipment manufacturer on motorcycle or quad assemblies.

    Denso is headquartered in Japan but has many subsidiaries around the world and is sometimes referred to as Nippondenso.

    Wagendass distributes starters and alternators of this brand as well as electrical components Denso in its large catalog of quality parts.


    Cargo was originally named after Holger Christiansen of Denmark, but has now been acquired by Bosch, and is part of the Bosch Group.

    Specialist in alternator, starter, air conditioning compressor, electrical components.

    From Led light, work light, relay, mini relay, cable, terminal, their catalog has a wide range. We are one of their distributor on all their product

    Cargo Bosch meets a strict load of charge on all their product.


    Hitachi is a Japanese conglomerate, this brand specialized in electrical and electronic parts was created in 1910.

    We distribute this brand in our catalog more specifically dedicated to Hitachi alternators and starters.

    Always in search of innovation Hitachi develops quality products.


    Lucas is a brand of English origin founded by Joseph LUCAS. It was an important equipment manufacturer in the automotive world and specifically for its electrical components.

    The Lucas brand disappeared as such in 1996 to be only distributed through license.


    Magneti Marelli is an Italian brand. This manufacturer has existed since 1919, specializing in many components, they had bought solex and weber for the carburation. The single point injection, the ignition but also a whole range of electrics compose their catalog.

    The head office is in Corbetta in Italy.


    Iskra is a Slovenian brand, this term meaning spark in Slovenian, Mahle alternators and starters equip many agricultural machines.

    Iskra became Mahle through buyouts and then Letrika.


    Mitsuba is a brand of electrical parts.starter for quad, motorcycle or scooter.known in the wheel mode for its different ranges of parts.


    A large Japanese company Mitsubishi Motors, founded in 1870, is an important supplier to the automotive world. This brand is also present on the market of heavy trucks, motorcycles and various agricultural or industrial engines.

    Today it is a subsidiary of Renault-Nissan.


    Motorola is an American brand whose name was originally Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. It distributed telecommunications equipment and a whole range of electrical products including alternators and starters.


    NIKKO designs in particular starters and alternators for construction machines or vehicles with particular applications. These assemblies can be found on Bomag, Kubota and Komatsu machines.

    NIKKO offers high quality parts for its particular applications.


    Prestolite electric is an American manufacturer of starters and alternators. These applications are specific to marine and industrial applications. These applications can also be found on heavy duty, construction or military machinery.


    Sanden is an important brand in the field of automotive air conditioning, it is a manufacturer of air conditioning compressor.this company has more than 75 years, Japanese company known as Sankyo Electric in the lighting and light bulbs, it has during its evolution and particularly in the 70s developed tools and machines for household appliances and then for the automotive industry through the compressor type air sroll.

    Wagendass distributes some of these models.


    Transpo is a brand of the wai group, Transpo is specialized in regulators for alternator and diode bridge or current rectifier. These certified products are the result of a strict manufacturing and specifications.


    Valéo is a French brand created in 1923, which was able to develop from the beginning of the French limited company of Ferodo by passing from the friction linings to the clutch Later through the acquisitions of Paris-rhone, SEV Marchal, Ducellier in particular to become an equipment manufacturer of electrical parts impossible to circumvent.

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